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Challenged Completed…Not Yet

by gribi on November 5, 2014

Every year, I have enjoyed entering the  Goodreads Reading Challenge. Even more so, I enjoyed completing it. Some years, exceeding it.

Nearly Everything You Need to Know About Goodreads

by gribi on March 6, 2013

I like Goodreads. Lately, quite a few of my friends have joined Goodreads, which made my bookworm heart glad. Thrilled, in fact. You don’t have a clue what Goodread is? Let me tell you almost everything you need to know (…)

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Dilemma: 2013 Reading Challenge

by gribi on January 2, 2013

I’m hooked on Goodreads Reading Challenge. In 2011 I have set to read 50 books – have read 54. In 2012 the goal was to read 60 books – have read 64. What reading goal should I set for 2013?

2012 Reading Challenge

by gribi on December 26, 2012

My Goodreads Reading Challenge goal for 2012 was to read 60 books. I was often behind on my reading schedule and was not sure I’ll complete it. I did, for two reasons: ¬†reading on Kindle and reading non-fiction. Here we (…)

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7 Most Popular Posts

by gribi on July 4, 2012

This is post number #50. The last post of the first year of – sorry if I confused you. To put it plainly – it’s a pretty special post for me and for this Gribook venture. As there’s a (…)

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Welcome, New Year

by gribi on January 11, 2012

What a marvelous year 2011 was. Not only did I marry my favourite man in the world – that alone would’ve sufficed to make last year extraordinary – but Gribook was launched, and Gribook Accessories hit off. Truth be told, (…)

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Reading Challenge Completed

by gribi on November 23, 2011

  Dear fellow bookworms, because of your kind support and understanding about my failure last week, I have now completely recovered and am a perfectly happy bookworm again. Thank you for all the hugs and love you’ve sent in real (…)

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