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Find English Books in Chisinau

by gribi on October 6, 2014

This post is for a particular type of bookworm. A bookworm who lives in Chisinau, speaks Romanian and/or Russian, but reads mostly – if not exclusively – in English. This pretty much describes the bunch who came to The English (…)

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Gribook Accessories, an interview for

by gribi on June 13, 2014

Hey there, gribookers! Here is an article about me and Gribook Accessories that was recently published in a local online magazine for ladies. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and mainly because of Nadia, who interviewed me (…)

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5 Gift Ideas for Bookworms

by gribi on December 19, 2013

Let me take a wild guess: you’re not prepared for Christmas quite yet. There’s still plans to arrange, outfits to decide on, and gifts to buy. Gifts to buy – let’s stop here, because this is where I can help. (…)

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The $100 Book Splurge

by gribi on December 4, 2013

You don’t want to see my Wishlist on Amazon. This, for a couple of reasons. One: it’s long, and I mean looooooooooooong. Second: it’s a crazy maze that even I get lost in. Hubby and I share it, so besides (…)

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Minsk: A Book Tour

by gribi on June 5, 2013

A bunch of friends and I started Book-ing  the World: a book tour of the world. Plainly put, we take pictures of books in our corner of the world. Because we come from different corners of the world, we’ll soon (…)

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Should You Get a Kindle? Pt. II

by gribi on May 31, 2013

I already went through the reasons why I have a Kindle – you can read about it here. (This post will make more sense if you read the first so go on, read it)  Amongst other things, I mention the (…)

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Should You Get a Kindle?

by gribi on May 29, 2013

Let’s go through a short checklist. Make a mental YES-note for every statement that applies to you: –  You read 2+ books per month –  Most of your reading is in English –  You travel often  –  You live in (…)

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My New Kindle Paperwhite

by gribi on May 8, 2013

My Kindle Paperwhite and I, we’re becoming friends. Hubby bought it for me about a month ago, and I was very excited about it, yet not quite ready to make the change. I’m weird like that – I like new gadgets, yet (…)

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