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International Giveaway

by gribi on February 26, 2014

I have promised way back that the first giveaway of 2014 will be for my international readers and friends. Besides, I feel somewhat guilty for not having written anything here for a while and a giveaway will ease my conscious (…)

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Last Giveaway of the Year

by gribi on December 24, 2013

I talked about the best Christmas Presents for Bookworms in my last post. It’s only fitting that I make such a gift to one of you. Of course, you have to prove that you’re a true bookworm first. Side note: I (…)

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Gribook Accessories is back!

by gribi on October 10, 2013

You read that right: We are re-launching Gribook Accessories! You can find us at the same location, on our Facebook Page: Gribook Accessories FB Page

Giveaway: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

by gribi on April 11, 2013

UPDATE: This giveaway is closed. The winner is Nikolino Kosta – congratulations! As I’m raving about this book for quite a while (more here and a little bit here), I decided that I want to share it. I’m giving away a Kindle (…)

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Giveaway Winner

by gribi on July 27, 2012

In my last post, I held a Book Sleeve Giveaway and showed you how we make a Book Sleeve at Gribook Accessories. Three ladies answered this very simple question:  What is the last book you enjoyed reading and why?

How We Make a Book Sleeve

by gribi on July 25, 2012

Book Sleeves are a must, as we’ve already concluded here. Today, the Gribook Accessories bunch will share with you all the ins and outs of making a fabric Book Sleeve and we’ll have a GIVEAWAY at the end. Oh, the (…)

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Book and Book Sleeve Giveaway

by gribi on July 11, 2012

On Monday, July 9th, Gribook was exactly one year old! That called for a celebration, which my husband and I had dutifully performed over lunch and cheesecake. But it also calls for a GIVEAWAY. And we have a winner – Cristina (…)

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Books and Drinks

by gribi on February 8, 2012

As promised last week, I’ll be announcing the winner of the Tea Cosy Giveaway in today’s post. But not before I share about the drinks I have with books. Please keep reading! Some of my favourite teas when I read (…)

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